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IBEW Residential Solar Program

NPCP has recently begun a new residential program for IBEW electricians. Under this program, NPCP provides electricans with a solar kit in order to simplify the installation process as well as provide on-site training in solar.
NPCP Solar Kit Includes
Solar Panels Inverters Mounting Equipment
• Sharp 198 Solar Modules
• Sharp 176 Solar Modules
• SMA Inverter-1800W
• SMA Inverter-3000W
• SMA Inverter-4000W
• SMA Inverter-5000W
• SMA Inverter-6000W
• SMA Inverter-7000W

Support rails, joiner splices, front covers, module clips, slider brackets, bolts, slider mount screws, and docks washers.
And..  USSAT Slider Layout Drawing, Installation Guide, Bracket Warranty, Module Warranty via Sharp Electronics, Inverter Warranty , and Engineered Stamp / Test Reports for Permits.
Additional Parts
SMA Webb Box

SMA Webb Box

System access from any Web browser - anywhere in the world

Communication Package consisting of a SMA Webb Box (Detailed Specs), a Communication Module and Communications Cable may be added for an additional cost. These systems communicate with a computer to give an anytime visual of your solar system operation.
Flashing Flashings

Allow for increased air flow under the panels for a higher total output (usually approximately 3% additional output). Flashings may be required by certain building departments and can be added to the Solar Kit for an additional cost.

Supplimentary Materials for the IBEW Solar Residential Program
Program Brochure (PDF) Solar Installation Guide (PDF) NEW!
Solar Installation Video Player
Sharp Solar Installation Training Video
Program Brochure (PDF) Solar Installation Guide (PDF) Full-length Solar
Installation Video
Sharp Solar Installation Training Video



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